We have consistently contributed our own quota to the betterment of the community we operate in. The strength of our relationships with local residents is vital to us and our community liaison team ensures our activities are understood and with an in-depth and meaningful consultation and engagement, we guarantee real benefits for all involved.

Chimons has been in the fore-front of the LPG awareness campaign programs in conjunction with the LCCI and NLPGA, we have been promoting the safe usage of LPG nationwide.

Our LPG Development Initiatives has seen us work in partnership with NGOs like FOTE to improve the knowledge and usage of LPG especially in the rural areas. We have begun the massive campaign of conversion from cooking with firewood and charcoal to LPG by giving out industrial burners and cylinders to commercial users for free.


Like all industries, energy development has an impact on the environment. At Chimons, our aim is to reduce and minimize this impact to the barest minimum. Our environmental operating standards are applied to all our operating facilities.

We are very conscious of the Quality Management Standard (QMS) ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management Standard (EMS) 14001 certifications and we have tailored our activities within the frame work of these standards.

We strive to minimize our footprint and also promote good quality environmental management in our neighbourhood.

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