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At Chimons, we offer a wide range of top notch and tailor made services and solutions to meet your individual needs and that are of utmost benefits to our numerous customers and also create an enabling environment for our customers and clients to stay ahead and remain competitive in the industry. Chimons Gas Limited is firmly committed to providing value to its various stakeholders while our dedication to ensuring that all industry standards are met as we strive to provide an unbeatable assurance of quality for our products and services.


Our capacity building also entails the construction of a world-class, state-of-the-art LPG Storage facility in the South-South region of the country. This 5000MT storage facility would ensure adequate availability of LPG to service the region and beyond.

Transportation and Logistics

The logistics team at Chimons oversees the shipment of all equipment. This includes ensuring proper control management till point of embarkation.

The transportation logistics department also caters for prompt and effective distribution of LPG nationwide. Our drivers are trained on the safe handling of LPG from reception till delivery of products.

Bulk Supply and Trading

Chimons Gas Limited is involved in the trading of all Natural Gas Liquids. We trade on both the domestic and international fronts in conjunction with our partners, we are a button away for your LPG, Propane, LNG and CNG needs.

Skid Refilling (mini plants)

We are taking the LPG business a step further by ensuring availability and easy access to LPG by bringing our products closer to your homes.

With the skid plant innovation, accessing LPG has become easier and quicker and what’s more, you can refill at pocket-friendly rates according to what you can afford.

We are also open to dealership and franchising.

Upstream Support Services

Our upstream services provide solutions and support for all Oil and Gas upstream operations. We provide Equipment Procurement services for Oil and Gas operators in the upstream and downstream sectors from a register of established and existing suppliers.

Cylinders and accessories

We have been known to sell and distribute high-quality SON certified cylinders ranging from the 3kg to the 50kg cylinder sizes.

As a one-stop shop, we also stock up on all LPG accessories and offer bespoke services for your domestic and industrial consumption.

Retail marketing and distribution of lpg and its accessories.

The energy demands of LPG consumers nationwide are on the increase, which is why at Chimons Gas Limited we are in business to mitigate these demands by creating unique solutions to bridge the gap between costs and want and also demand and supply while also achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Our retail marketing and distribution unit is saddled with the responsibility of getting the company’s products to every household and every user irrespective of location, as well as quantity.

Our LPG business supplies propane and butane in both bulk and retail to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers for heating, cooking, transportation and industrial processes. As part of our expansion process, we are building and acquiring several retail gas service stations across Nigeria and also along the West African coastline.